Friday, December 04, 2015

Paypal Hamster Wheel for Customers

I have been trying to add a bank to my paypal account for a week now. This is a long time paypal account. They force you through a time consuming system (because after all, who cares about wasting customer's time - this is super common for nearly all large USA companies, treating customers as if wasting their time is no big deal). So even though I am signed in, they require a extra verification to add a bank (ok, not horrible, if it works). But it doesn't.

I do that extra step. They thank me for completing it.

Then then just tell me to do it again.

Yup, that is exactly the same as before they wasted your time to verify it and thanked you for completing the verification. They seem to like it so much they just repeatedly run you through the same thing, I guess forever though maybe if you do it 7 times they then let you succeed?

I have explained this to them at least 5 times still no fix. In the latest one, they said they adjusted the account and just try again poor sap. I did, exactly the same result. Enter your info on the bank (which is not at least the 7th time I have done so, beyond all the rest of it they delete your entry each time their system thanks you for completing their extra verification - what joy).

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