Saturday, February 09, 2013

PageRank MozPageAuthority for Various Sites - February 2013

Google pagerank is a measure of the number and importance of pages that are linking to the page (with the public page rank lowered by Google if they don't like some things the site/page does). One measure obviously has huge limitations for capture the nature or value of any page (for more info see previous post).  But it does tell you something.  But I still find it fun to look at the pagerank values - except when they go down for my sites :-(  Now I also track the similar Moz Page Authority and can take some solace if the MozPA goes up :-)

I didn't pay much attention at first to the SEO Moz ranking details.  I tried to figure out what they were measuring then gave up because it wasn't clear and figured MozRank must be the equivalent of pagerank.  Well MozRank isn't (I still can't figure out what it is a measure of - maybe primarily just measuring links without factoring in the "authority" the links) but anyway Moz Page Authority is the measure that is equivalent to Google PageRank.  So in the chart below the MozRank is shown inside [ ] for October 2011, while Jan 2013 I updated to MozPA /10 (because SEO Moz also decided to scale MozPA up to 100 while Google PageRank caps out at ten).

SiteFeb 2013
Oct 2011April 2011Dec 2010Dec 2008July 2008
PageRank 5 and MozPA > 5
Curious Cat Management Blog5 [6.3]5 [5.5]5433
Curious Cat Engineering and Science Blog5 [6.1]6 [5.3]6455
John Hunter5 [5.3]4 [5.4]4444
Management Dictionary*5 [5.2]5 [5.4]5433

PageRank 4 and MozPA > 5
Curious Cat Investing and Economics Blog4 [5.9]4 [5.3]4344
Curiouscat.com4 [5.4]4 [5.6]5433
Curious Cat Management Improvement Connections*4 [5.4]5 [5.5]5433
The W. Edwards Deming Institute Blog4 [5.2]-----
Curious Cat Travel Photo Blog4 [5.1]3 [4.9]3-
Six Sigma Management Resources*4 [4.9]4 [5.0]4
Public Sector Continuous Improvement Site*4 [5.1]5 [5.0]54
Investment Dictionary*4 [5.0]4 [5.2]4

PageRank 4 and MozPA > 5
CSS 4 Free4 [4.9]4 [5.4]4445
PDSA Improvement Cycle*4 [4.9]4 [4.9]4
Lean Management Resources*4 [4.9]4 [5.0]44
Mortgage Rate Article*4 [4.7]4 [3.8]4
The Future is Engineering*4 [4.6]4 [4.7]
The Engineer That Made Your Cat a Photographer*4 [4.4]4 [4.7]543
Curious Cat Code (programming)4 [4.3]4 [4.2]00
Management Articles*4 [4.3]
Curious Cat Gadgets4 [4.3]-- - internship directory4 [4.4]4 [5.2]4444
Living in Singapore4 [4.3]3 [4.0]-
Architecture and home design inspiration4 [4.2]--
Life and Legacy of William Hunter (my father)4 [4.1]4 [4.5]444
Living in Malaysia4 [4.2]3 [4.1]-
Management and Leadership Quotes4 [4.0]2 [5.2]22
Statistics for Experimenters4 [3.9]3 [4.5]3434
Curious Cat Web Directory4 [3.6]4 [4.7]**334
Management Matter (my book)*4 [3.5]-----
Alumni Connections*4 [2.6]4 [5.0]4445

PageRank 3 and MozRank > 3
Deming's Management Method*3 [5.0]4 [4.5]44
Credit Card Tips*3 [4.8]4 [4.6]3
Curious Cat Management Comments3 [4.5]
Rocky Mountain National Park photos*3 [4.3]4 [4.8]4 3-2
Multi Site PageRank Checker3 [4.1]3 [4.7]2213
Good Process Improvement Practices*3 [4.1]3 [4.1]
Hexawise Software Testing Blog3 [4.0]----
Curious Cat Comments (this blog)3 [4.0]- [3.8]-33
Management Improvement Resources3 [3.4]3 [3.8]333
Best Research University Rankings*3 [3.4]3 [3.8]334
Curious Cat Travel Destinations3 [3.2]-----

PageRank 2 and MozRank > 2
Parfrey's Glen, Wisconsin Photos2 [3.6]2 [3.8]22-
Johor Bahru Real Estate2 [3.2]--
Curious Cat Travel Destinations: Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)2 [3.0]-----
Hexawise.tv2 [2.9]-----

No PageRank
My Kiva pageu [6.2]- [4.0]-3
Economic Strength Through Technology Leadership***u [4.5]4 [4.7]544
CuriousCat Wordpressu [3.6]-----
Justin Hunter (my brother)u [3.4]2 [2.9]222
Curious Cat Travel Destinations: Franceu [1.9]-----
Curious Cat Travel Destinations: Australiau [1.8]-----

* internal pages
** new url, old url forwarded
- didn't exist yet
u unranked
[blank] I don't know what the pagerank was, sometimes the site didn't exist yet.

***I have noticed my high pagerank blog posts can be at PR of 4 for years and then have no page rank at all. Meanwhile MozPA doesn't seem to disappear the authority of those page. The PageRank can often reappear in another update (I even think they may come back in between updates but I might be mistaken).

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