Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good Journalism Aids Society by Shining the Light on Corruption

Journalists do a great deal of good, even if much of what their employers publish is useless (or worse). In this example, Journalists at the Sun Sentinel wrote a 3 part series documenting

the shocking behavior of law enforcement officers behind the wheel. The reporters found nearly 800 officers who reached speeds of 90-130 mph, many of them while off duty. The accidents caused by officers driving at high speeds had caused at least 320 crashes since 2004, killing or maiming 21 people.

That police departments cover up abuse by their own to the public is pitiful. So many good police officers serve these systems that are failing to stop criminal behavior against the public. It shouldn't fall to journalist to protect the public, but when the police perpetrate such bad practices journalists are a potential protection to the public. If we don't support real journalism we risk great damage to our society.

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