Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Liberty and Support or Control and Hate

I hold these truths as worthy of support
  • all people have the right to life and liberty
  • we are better led by those that aspire to love than those that feed on hate and fear
  • we are better led by those that seek to support than those that seek to control
  • people that can abuse power far too often do so, creating systems that ignore this is dangerous
  • societies are built and held together by communities cooperating and being bound by social conventions
  • those with authority should have that authority limited, challenges to those in authority should be supported and encouraged
  • communities that are built on fear and hate are dangerous and should be challenged
Those granted wisdom, health and/or wealth should seek to help others wherever those people live.

National boundaries matter, we are still having a great deal of trouble building nations that are not corrupted by those abusing authority to control others and enrich themselves. But the worth of people is not defined by their passport. Those that seek to gain support through promoting the hate and fear of others should be challenged and rejected.

Those of us in rich countries are far too concerned with our own material wealth and far too unconcerned with corrupt leaders (politicians, business leaders and others with power) and those less fortunate than us.

We should expect that people everywhere have the right to food, clean water and basic health care.

Implementing solutions based on broad principle is very hard. It isn't surprising that we struggle doing so. But that we fail so utterly far before we get to such difficulties disappointing.

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