Thursday, August 16, 2012

Remove Popup Ad Sites From Search Results

My feedback to DuckDuckGo:

I would like to be able to have popup ad sites flagged/removed. 
Maybe let me set no popups (then on the far right column (or something) show the sites you skipped because they are flagged as popup ads so I can click them if I don't like any of the non-user-hostile sites. 
Obviously this means getting a list of popup sites and maintaining it.  Would be a challenge but would great improve search results.  Lots of the big sites now are using popup ads (just ones that get around the users opting out of popup ads on their browser).
I would love it if the other sites (Google, Yahoo, Bing) would do this too, but Google is not likely to unless they are copying one of the others.  I understand sties want to make money by using popup ads even if they know users said don't do it (using browser settings).  This is why all the major sites now use popup ads that circumvent the browser settings).  I don't mind the sites choosing to how readable or customer unfriendly they want to be.  I just wish search engines wouldn't give me results as if popup ads are no a negative that should reduce the suggestion of using a site.

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