Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Using Bayesian Analysis to Filter Hacker News To Your Preferences

Very cool post on code to use bayesian analysis to filter Hacker News for your preferences. My comment:
Very cool. It would be nice if you could include data on users that up-voted the story. My guess is you don't have access to that data though. But if you did I would think that could be a very useful test. Even getting things like if these 2 or 3 people liked it super big bonus points... And even learning, either bozos that like stupid stuff or spammers so that if it learns big up-votes from those people is a negative (not a positive). At the very beginning of using Reddit I thought they were doing that kind of stuff when displaying the home page. I thought my preferences were being stored so that it could judge what I would like (not just to bump that story up). It would be cool if Reddit and/or HN could at least let us say add this person to my recommended list (and then highlight all stories those people up-vote).

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