Thursday, December 08, 2011

Most Popular Post on the Curious Cat Comments Blog

One of the updates, with the suite of updates earlier this year by Blogger, was to show you the number of views for each blog post (I haven't even bothered to add Google Analytics to this blog though maybe I will soon).  Here are the 11 most popular posts on this blog (based on page-views since May 2009 - the latest data Google seems to use):
  1. New President's To Do List (2008)
  2. Designing Cities for People, Rather than Cars (2007)
  3. Viewing Unpersonalized Google Search Results
  4. Programmable New York Times On the Way (2008)
  5. More Evidence of the Bad Patent System
  6. Wordpress Plugins: Super Cache and Bad Behavior (2009)
  7. How to Install Anything in Ubuntu! (2007)
  8. Davidson Students Get Free Sweet Sixteen Trip (2008)
  9. Last Google Toolbar PageRank Update of 2008
  10. Watch the Full I Have a Dream Speech (2009)
  11. They Will Know We are Christians By Our Love (2010)
It is sometimes odd what posts are most popular. Sadly several of these are not the most useful posts (in my opinion - but I guess the oracle of Google thinks otherwise, I would imagine greater than 80% of traffic is from searches on Google). The traffic has actually been building lately (which is nice). I think the post in the last couple of years are significantly better - many of the previous posts were largely just to post a link so I could find it again when I wanted it. Last month had 16% of total page views (in just 3% of the time period). There is a bit of spike last month, but it is mainly just an upward trend over the last 6 months. Popular posts on other Curious Cat blogs: popular management blog posts - popular investing blog posts - popular engineering blog posts

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