Saturday, November 10, 2007

Co-worker Living Life

Ryan worked with me at ASEE. Earlier this year he left to write a novel full time over the summer. Here is a great read on how his summer went - Guest in Progress: Ryan Krausmann:

Most importantly after having spent the summer as a novelist I emerged as a looser and more open writer. The next draft needs better dialogue, a tighter plot, more detail in the secondary characters, a better ending, and cleaner prose – but that is all for 2008 and even beyond. As of now, I am less afraid of the white page and more open to let the characters evolve as they want to evolve. My fingers are even literally looser on the keyboard as the words come to me. I have grown to be more open and loose and in sympathy with my characters and hopefully with the world.

Life is for living. Don't forget that you get to choose how you spend your time.

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