Monday, April 09, 2007

Google Personalize Home Page

I like Google's personalized home page. You can include news feeds, stock quotes, gmail... on one page. The Google reader is also very nice though I find it very annoying that it often is reloading that content section (when it is reloading it spins a graphic which is distracting and more importantly removes all the content). I can't imagine it is meant to work the way it does for me where it is in that reloading state more than it is in a usable state. Does anyone know how I can get it to work more effectively for me (even turning off reloading so it only reloaded when I requested it would be much better than the current state).

Google recently added some personalized graphic headers which are without any practical value but I like the one I have been using. The graphic changes throughout the day. I am sure they are working on having it reflect the weather at your location too - I would be doing so on my 20% time if I were there :-)

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