Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Zork, Google Trick, Hospital Data and Google Maps

Zork "wiki" - my first experience with computers was with a game: "Zork" (I don't think it was named that yet). My father was a professor at the University of Wisconsin and he rented a modem from the university over Christmas break. We then used our rotary dial bell telephone to call up and connect the phone handset to the modem which connected us to a University mainframe that was underutilized during the break and we could use it to play "Zork." The modem also had a heat sensitive printer (that used special paper to print on by heating it up using a dot matrix style printhead). There was no screen - all communication was printed on the paper. This was before a personal computer existed. The Zork wiki link is a great way to remember that time, with a sense of humor.

Search for number range:
You can search for the existence of a number within a range:

I knew it happened in Death Valley, but couldn't remember what it was. I found it by searching for death valley 130..140 degrees.

Data Show Scourge of Hospital Infections
by Ceci Connolly, Washington Post

Nearly 12,000 Pennsylvanians contracted infections during a hospital stay in 2004, costing an extra $2 billion in care and at least 1,500 preventable deaths

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