Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Outsourcing, Government Debt, Where the Wild Things Are

Offshore Outsource Savings Can Be Elusive, Survey Shows:

the Ventoro survey found that savings averaged slightly less than 10 percent for all the offshore outsourcing projects that Ventoro reviewed.
The survey found that 28 percent of the offshore outsourcing or offshore development project actually increased costs and 25 percent did not generate any significant savings.

The Debt updated daily from the United States Bureau of Public Debt:

Debt as of 07/18/2005
Owed to the public: $4,552,108,672,703.45
Owed to other parts of the GovernmentL $3,301,481,819,120.60
Total Debt: $7,853,590,491,824.05

These numbers might make United States citizens want to support the Concord Coalition.

Listen to a Conversation with Maurice Sendak (author of Where the Wild Things Are) from NPR.

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