Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Mass Affluent and Google Code

Here come the mass affluent: In the 1970's

almost 90 percent of American households made less than $65,000 (inflation adjusted). By 2000, 62 percent made more than $65,000

That hardly seems posible but if it is true is amazing. One point of the article, that there are many people with a great deal of money to spend sure seems true. But still such a large majority making over $65,000 is suprising.

I meant to post this earlier but forgot to do so. Google, summer of code:

This summer, don't let your programming skills lie fallow. Use them for the greater good of open source software and computer science. Google will provide a $4500 award to each student who successfully completes a project by the end of the summer.

Great idea for Google. They seem to be doing so many things right now. Hopefully they can keep it up.

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