Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Consumer Reports

I bought a subscription to Consumer Reports online. I can't believe they don't even provide simple sorts by obvious criteria. I want a cordless trimmer. They provide information on the major types of trimmers, one of which is cordless. Do they give me a list of those cordless models? Nope.

They list like 30 models without any indication of which are cordless and which are not. That is really lame for a web site which should be data base driven and give users an easy way to view just what they want. It seems they act like they still are printing everything on paper and you just happen to view it on your computer screen. I guess it isn't quite as bad as one pdf for each magazine and you just read from the pdf but it isn't much better.

They also don't let you click on the model and get more information. They really should do a much much better job of making the material effective over the internet.

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