Monday, October 09, 2006

NCAA Basketball

headlines from ESPN
The NCAA basketball season has not started yet so there isn't much news to report. Still look at the headlines (see graphic) from ESP today: 4 are criminal and 3 others are about players being suspened or kicked off teams, 2 are about coaches. At least the 2 aobut coaches are fine. Couldn't they have some positive stories, how about writting about the success of student athletes those students that are academic stars or did some great things over the summer or explore what past basketball players are doing... Or how about stories about basketball: discuss the pick and roll or explain the swing offense or explain the effect of 3 point shooting on overall field goal percentage or discuss what the effects of relying on 3 point shoting are for a team... We just accept that the "news" of crimal activity and the like is what we should expect. I think we should expect better from the sports web sites.

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