Thursday, June 09, 2005

Traffic Congestion, Silence and Irrigation

More (previous post - Traffic Congestion and a Non-Solution) on Traffic Congestion, U.S. Cities Urged to Adopt 'Congestion Tax':

The mayor of London told dozens of world mayors that they could unclog city streets and fight global warming by charging hefty fees for driving in congested areas of their communities.

Sounds of Silencers, Are Loud and Clear: PCs Are Too Noisy

Designers say noise is becoming more of an issue as PCs rev up and push their way into the living room to play digital music, video and games. A computer's mechanical parts -- including cooling fans and spinning disk-drives -- generally work harder as a PC takes on more tasks. And noise barely noticed amid the buzz of the workplace can be less welcome at home.

Silent PC Review

Build your own Office Irrigation System:

Thus the idea for an indoor office irrigation system was born. The key factor in getting a starter system was price. So far, I've only found one indoor system, and it's $60USD (w/o shipping). I am sure this would work just as well, but isn't in the DIY spirit, and with shipping, costs almost twice as much as the solution provided here.

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