Sunday, May 01, 2005

China, RSS and Clinical Trials

  • Very interesting article by Brad Setser and Nouriel Roubini - blog post - full article
    The recent real estate boom (bubble?) in China has clearly been fueled in part by the loose monetary conditions associated with the peg – but that is not the entire story either.
    As we will discuss later, the communist party’s control of both land and credit creates strong structural incentives for corruption, and gives the party a large direct stake in the real estate market.
    China’s existing growth model looks to be running up against real limits, both
    internally and globally. Sustaining growth will require reorienting China’s economy –
    and relying, at least on while, on rapid expansion of domestic consumption to sustain
  • Really Simple Slate - Good explanation of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) for beginers. Another Slate article on RSS: How To Speed-Read the Net.
  • Establishing Proof by David Brown, Washington Post
    Some Fifty Years Ago a Baby-Blinding Epidemic Confounded Experts -- Until a Pioneering Study Conclusively Tied Cause and Effect, and Enshrined Clinical Trials in Medical Practice

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