Friday, March 11, 2005

Engineering, Education and more

  • The long tail of software. Millions of Markets of Dozens. - "Whatever business your starting, think about how to serve millions of markets of dozens instead of dozens of markets of millions. Serving the head isn’t a bad strategy. You can build a great business. But, figure out how to serve the tail of your market efficiently and you’ve got a blockbuster."
  • Face recognition powered cat door - Our cat "has a habit of catching various animals, dragging them inside through the cat door, and letting them loose so they can be chased for hours. Very cruel. To put an end to this we have built a computer-controlled device that visually determines if Flo is carrying anything in her mouth when she enters, and if she does, it simply does not let her in."
  • The California effect - Flush with equity, Californians are driving up home prices in markets outside the Golden State.

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